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Paint Chips

Paint Chips

Paint Chips


The paint chips printables come in 8 different colours and 3 different sizes:

  • Paint chip strips of 4 (16cm by 8cm)
  • Paint chip strips of 3 (12cm by 8 cm)
  • Paint chip strips of 3 (18cm by 8cm)

How to get started and use the paint chips:

1. Print on A4-sized paper, one-sided and in full color. Print as many copies as you would like!

2. Laminate them and cut the paint chips out. You will need the glossy laminated surface to be able to carry out some of the suggested activities where we will be writing on the paint chips with a whiteboard marker.

3. Other materials you will need to carry out the below activities: 

  • scissors
  • whiteboard marker
  • dot stickers
  • wooden pegs
  • Colored loose materials (colored pom poms, colored ice cream sticks, colored beans etc)

Read our blog post by clicking on “Ways to Play - Paint Chips” to find out more about the 18 different activities to carry out with these paint chips, which span across 13 skills and learning abilities.