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Calm Down Toolkit

Calm Down Toolkit

Calm Down Toolkit


A calm down toolkit suitable for 2 to 7 years old.

(This is a set of printables, NOT a physical product.) 


The toolkit contains:

(i) 15 calm down strategies

(ii) Emotions poster with 9 different emotions

(iii) Anger thermometer

(iv) 9 emotions flashcards

(v) 15 calm down strategies flashcards, and

(vi) 10 calm down worksheets.

The calm down worksheets enable the child to redirect their focus to their breathing and fingers movements by using fun activities such as:

- Drawing lines and shapes

- 'Painting' a rainbow

- Counting nature (1 to 10)

- Popping bubbles

- 'Smelling' food

- Jumping lily pads with their fingers

- Doing finger exercises

- 'Blowing out' candles

- 'Walking' the beach

- Guiding butterflies to flowers.