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Welcome to Popsicles and Play! 

Thank you for taking an interest in working and collaborating with us.

Popsicles and Play is about taking a multi-faceted learning approach to cultivate healthy development in young children, through specially curated activities and workshops which are hands-on, experiential and play-based.

Our vision is to bring back play as an important and essential element of your child's life, and to enable strengthened parent-child bonds through play.

Please contact me (popsiclesandplay@gmail.com) if you think your company's vision and/or products are in line with our vision, and would benefit young children.

Below are some of the collaborations I'm open to:

- Giveaways for my followers

- Product Reviews

- Product feature in our PoP Workshops, Printables and/or PoP Packs

- PoP Workshops at your event

I'm also open to discussing other ways we can work and collaborate together, please drop me an email!