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We love to engage with like-minded parents or educators who believe in the same learning approaches and vision as us. We want to help enable you to introduce elements of play, and incorporate play-based and experiential learning into your child's life. 

So we are here to empower YOU!

Here's what you can find on the website:


We will provide information and useful resources through our blog posts, and share tips and tricks on carrying out play-based learning. Some of these information are specially created by us in an infographic form, which are available for free download in our Printables. We also share our thoughts and opinions through our blog posts, and are very much open if you would like to share yours with us!


There are so many inspiring advocates for play-based learning out there. We want to continually learn from each other and inspire each other in this parenting community. We would get guest posts on our blog, to share their learning activities, parenting styles and play spaces.


Our Printables are themed-based activity set. Each set consists of several activities with clear instructions on how to carry them out independently at home; and includes high-resolution Printables designed for each activity.


If you would like more enhanced experiential learning for your child, with the opportunity for him/her to interact and play with other children, do take a look at the PoP Play Workshops we offer! The PoP Workshops are themed-based and usually sell out fast. You can take a look at the past PoP Workshops we have carried out on the website, or our Facebook or Instagram.

These PoP Workshops also provide you an opportunity to engage and bond with your child through the activities; as well as meet like-minded parents!


We are in the midst of exploring and bring to you activity packs, or affectionately known as PoP Packs. These activity packs contain a month's worth of activity ideas, and are filled with the tools and materials to carry out the activities independently at home with your child. So do stay tuned on our website, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get quick updates when we launch these!


Do sign up for an account, which will give you access to the free Printables. We will also send monthly newsletters (yes just once a month so we won't jam up your inbox) with our latest updates!