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Themed Play - Chinese New Year

Themed Play - Chinese New Year

Themed Play - Chinese New Year


Themed Play Chinese New Year - Printables

For less than 15 cents a day, or less than the price of a Starbucks coffee, you get access to a full set of activities for one month! 

The Themed Play Chinese New Year printables aim to introduce Chinese New Year's customs and traditions to young children through play-based learning. The activities are suitable for 1 to 5 years old kids. Carry out the activities with your children to introduce the Chinese New Year festival to them, and get them familiarized with simple Chinese characters!

What is included in the Themed Play Chinese New Year Printables?

- Recommended activity schedule for one month

- Simple and clear instructions for each activity

- High resolution printables which are sized appropriately for each activity

- PDF format with no watermark

- 8 fun, innovative and creative activities

- Sensory play 

What kind of activities are there?

1. Zodiac Race

  • Use the zodiac wheel to introduce the 12 zodiac animals!
  • Find out who came first in the Great Zodiac Race!
  • Focus on picture and word recognition

2. "Lao Yusheng", or Prosperity Toss!

  • Create the traditional "yusheng" plate and learn the right way of doing the prosperity toss!
  • Focus on gross and fine motor skills.

3. Let's Greet Each Other!

  • Learn 3 simple Chinese greetings used during Chinese New Year.
  • Focus on word and color recognition, and fine motor skills.

4. Boom, Boom! Are Those Firecrackers?!

  • Let's make firecrackers together!
  • Focus on art and craft, and creativity.

5. The Hungry Dragon

  • Make a puppet dragon together, and watch him swallow those oranges!
  • Focus on art and craft, creativity, and numeracy/counting.

6. How Many Golden Coins are There?

  • Let's put the right number of golden coins into each red packet!
  • Focus on numeracy/counting, number recognition and fine motor skills.

7. Match the Angbaos!

  • Create a simple puzzle game out of excess red packets you have lying around at home.
  • Focus on picture and form recognition.

8. Chinese New Year Blossoms

  • Aren't those cherry blossoms beautiful?! Let's create some of our own!
  • Focus on art and craft, and creativity.

9. Sensory Play

  • Clear and simple instructions on creating sensory play, with printables.
  • Learn how to write simple Chinese characters using salt-writing techniques.
  • We are carrying out sensory play with rainbow salt, and red rice!

**Images show some samples of what's included in the themed play set. You can also check out our Instagram @popsicles_play and Facebook popsiclesandplay to get an idea of what's included in the themed play set.

How Do the Printables Work?

- Upon purchase, you will receive a download link in your email.

- Download the themed play set in PDF format.

- Print the printables on one-sided A4-sized paper, with full color. We recommend for you to laminate the printables to prevent them from getting wet or torn up during the activities, unless stated otherwise.

- Cut out the laminated printables according to the activity.

- Carry out the activities with your child(ren) according to the recommended activity schedule which we provided, and the instructions.

- All activities are to be child-led with your guidance and facilitation.

- Have fun, and enjoy bonding with your children over these activities!