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Say Hi to Michelle from The Chill Mom!

During my first pregnancy, I was feeling really lost about what I need to do, and what to expect. We were first-time parents then, and though there were tons of resources and guides out there, some were not relevant and some had contradictory views (for eg, on sleep training) which only served to make us more confused than ever. To put it simply, I was overwhelmed.

A friend introduced me to The Chill Mom then - a mom based in Singapore who had churned out several resources, and tips and tricks on what to expect during pregnancy and more importantly, how to survive motherhood! Her tagline, which greeted me the moment I entered her website was, “You can have it all without doing it all”. I was sold. Yes, I want to have it all without doing it all, who doesn’t?! :)

The Chill Mom became my key survival guide and my go-to resource for the longest time, so today I’m so psyched to be sharing her guest post with all of you!


Hello, I’m Michelle Hon, founder of The Chill Mom, a blog and maternity concierge business where we help expecting parents plan the arrival of their babies. I’ve also recently published a pregnancy and early motherhood guide book with the same name. I’m a mother of three children, aged 6, 4 and 2.

What do you enjoy most about life?

All the possibilities! 

I believe everyone has the potential to be the best they can be and contribute towards a better world.

Describe your motherhood journey. How has it been like?

I dreamt about being a mother alongside having my own business ever since I was a little girl. So naturally I was ecstatic when I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t realise how much my life would change.

I was hit by post-natal blues for a few months. That was hard. While I love my daughter to death, I was lost and overwhelmed by motherhood initially. I think starting the blog had helped me work through my feelings and made me realise that my children can be my life purpose.

It’s been good since then. There were hard days, but motherhood is mostly good once I have the shift in perception.

What are some of your struggles in motherhood?

Generally, I don’t see things as struggles.

For me, the hardest thing about being a mum is parenting. What values do we want to cultivate in our children? Am I modelling the right behaviour, am I teaching the right thing when I say this or when I react this way? I always keep myself in check.

When we think we know our children, they grow and they have more questions about the world. So it’s always a new territory for parents.

I also have the occasional mum-guilt. But I get over it pretty quickly.

Tell us more about how and why you started being a “chill mom”.

I started the blog and subsequently the business when I found myself being bored as a stay-at-home mom with my first born, 6 months old at that time. I needed that creative outlet.

Before long, I realised there were other people reading the blog and that’s when I decided to write really useful articles. Articles with a takeaway, something people can learn from. 

Also, my mum passed away when I was 13. So I wanted to document my motherhood journey for my daughters.

What or who is your inspiration in motherhood?

My mom’s short life is my biggest influence. Life is short, do right by yourself, and be the best example to your children.

I also draw motherhood inspiration from everyone, in real life and on social media. I like observing other mums with their children. If they say/do something with their children which I think is great, I’ll take note and apply it with my own kids.

Any advice for parents or parents-to-be out there?

You are enough. What you don’t know, you don’t know, but you can learn. We are all learning.

Do check out The Chill Mom on her website, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram. We hope this provides some inspiration and serves as a good resource for all parents and parents-to-be out there!

Website: www.thechillmom.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thechillmom

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thechillmom

 Thank you Michelle for the inspiring guest post, and the lovely photos!


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